In the final article of her series, Laura Illeris shares what she learned from her month long investigation of religious university students and offers a reflection on religion, diversity, and tolerance among young people in Amsterdam. “Our need to define ourselves and others sometimes leads to boundaries being drawn that make us blind to what we have in common.”

Most of us who visit concerts mainly do so to see their favorite acts playing on stage, but do we ever look at our fellow concertgoers? Though this isn’t what we buy our tickets for,  RAW’s Anne-Marie Dimanche will show us that there’s great value in looking around more often instead of just listening; we might get a glimpse of the transcending powers of music.

In Abstract Amsterdam, onze maandelijkse fotoserie, zoeken de fotografen van Red Pers naar abstracte straatbeelden van iconische Amsterdamse buurten. Blijven deze plekken net zo herkenbaar als ze van heel dichtbij, of vanuit een ander perspectief gefotografeerd worden? Deze week is Andrew Kambel op het Museumplein, waar toerisme en stadscultuur zich op interessante manieren mengen.

Beeld is communicatiemiddel nummer één en toch wordt ‘begrijpend kijken’ niet gegeven in het onderwijs. Mensen van alle soorten en maten zitten op social media en zijn gebruikers van Netflix. Toch lijkt dat allemaal veel, te veel; een artikel van WelingelichteKringen over nieuwe series en films vinden op Netflix had de kop “Hoe weet je wat nieuw is op Netflix?”. De overvloed aan beelden lijkt ons te overspoelen, maar hoe manifesteert dit zich?

This week on International Wednesday: Following historical events in London and Berlin, recent demonstrations in Georgia raise the question of what it means to be a free human. Club culture has created a platform for the youth to express their freedom and individuality. RAVEolution is much more than dancing and playing music  it is about the fight against the state on progressive values.

Photography can be much more than just a way of capturing the world around us. Jasmijn Doorgeest used her camera as a ‘gateway into conversations with locals’ to learn about Vietnam’s culture and people. She tells us a story of temples, mountains, rice fields and windy bus rides but most importantly of the people she met on the way. Experience Vietnam through a series of portraits.

This week on International Wednesday: Madita Strähle spent her summer traveling through Israel and Palestine – an area which we tend to associate with war, conflict and insecurity. But is this really all the Middle East is today? Is it as dangerous as the media want us to believe? Madita captured a few moments right on the spot of locals’ everyday lives and explored the Middle East’s hidden systems.